Oculus Rift


Oculus Rift makes it possible for users to explore virtual environments in stereoscopic 3D. It was invented by Palmer Luckey and recently sold to Facebook for $2 billion. He invented it to allow for more immersion in video games, but as worthwhile as that may be its potential uses seem unlimited. Consumer versions Oculus Rift will not be available until late this year or early next. However, Oculus Rift development kits, which include a ski mask-like headset and access to software development tools, have been available to developers for the past year or so.
MuveEd purchased two of the software development Rift kits and has developed a Rift version of its VLX. We are currently working to improve the VLX/Rift interface and integrate educational applications for it. The first application will be used to provide students with a more immersive experience in its VLX wetlands module. For example, in the not too distant future instead of looking at an image of a microorganism, students will be able to be “inside” and maneuver around a 3D image of it.
We think the Rift has significant potential for learners of all ages and are happy to be forerunners in the discovery of development of the use of the rift for those purposes.

New Feature

Our latest build includes a teleport accessible site where students will be able to build and save objects. Work is continuing on the teacher/student interfaces, Smarttools, and our wetlands project.

New Build!

We just received a new build that includes a number of new features including voice and active skyscape. Once this build is fully activated we’ll be on to adding a location and tools for student and teacher programming.


Welcome to our website! We’ve just added a few pics of our most recent VLX (Virtual Learning eXperience) build designed for the Bio-Med STEM+M School located in Rootstown, Ohio at NEOMED (see links in Partners). Now that the environment is in place, we continue to work on various features to facilitate teaching and learning.